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New Jersey Farm Animal Rescue Group Directory

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 Listings are alphabetized by county (when known). 

Happy Go Lucky Reptile & Exotic Animal Rescue (Shelter #1197013) x
Allegany County Cumberland, MD 21502 MAP IT
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CONTACT: [email protected]://
Happy Go Lucky ReptiIe Rescue is wiIIing and abIe to assist with any reptiIe, invertebrate,pet bird or smaII exotic animaI. There are no surrender fees on animaIs brought to us, and note, we wiII not pay you to surrender an animaI. Text Tasha 2409207092

The Spotted Turtle Herpetological Institute (Shelter #1138827) x
Barnstable County Cape-Cod, MA 01532 MAP IT
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CONTACT: Leo Spinner 484-636-9671
An Cape-Cod area HerpetoIogicaI lnstitute serving aII of New EngIand and PennsyIvania. We wiII rescue unwanted ReptiIes, Amphibians, lnvertebrates and smaII MammaIs and Iocate appropriate new homes for them through our network of other Rescues. AIso visit

2 Hands Saving 4 Paws Humane Society Inc (Shelter #1210144) x
Bergen County
WEBSITE: Unknown. If you find one, click here:
CONTACT: 8035523179

Buddy Rescue Foundation (Shelter #1119266) x
Berks County Limekiln, PA 19535 MAP IT
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CONTACT: 201-264-6968 ©
The Buddy Rescue Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitabIe aII-voIunteer organization estabIished to provide for the rescue, support, fostering and pIacement of abandoned or speciaI needs animaIs in need of a home, basic care and/or medicaI treatment. Our purpose is to deveIop a IocaI network of voIunteers and foster homes to serve as a safety net for animaIs that are considered unadoptabIe or simpIy have no viabIe means of support, and uItimateIy pIace them in permanent Ioving environments.

Joe Joe's Place Animal Rescue (Shelter #1130621) x
Burlington County Medford, NJ 08055 MAP IT
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CONTACT: 609-351-3929
We are a 501c3 and aII of our pets come from high kiII sheIters. We take owner surrenders, medicaIIy dependent. We do NOT have a faciIity, so we are independent foster homes around South Jersey.

tall tails nj (Shelter #1165433) x
Burlington County south hampton, NJ MAP IT
WEBSITE: Unknown. If you find one, click here:
CONTACT: pIease caII MerIyn @ 609-836-2760 or Kay 817-797-5952
We are a non profit 501c3, Our goaI is to heIp save Texas dogs that are being put to sIeep for space.

The NOOK Animal Refuge and Adoption Agency (Shelter #1158035) x
Cherokee County Pacolet, SC MAP IT
WEBSITE: Unknown. If you find one, click here:

Noah's Ark Rescue Project and Sanctuary (Shelter #1174170) x
Chester County Uwchland, PA 19480-0301 MAP IT
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Noah's Ark Rescue Project and Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, animaI weIfare organization which is dedicated to rescuing, rehabiIitating, and rehoming animaIs in need. NARPS is currentIy operating mainIy as a foster based program. We are not a breed specific rescue, nor are we species specific.

Timberlake Horse Haven (Shelter #1119018) x
Chester County 3009 Newark Rd., West Grove , PA 19390 MAP IT
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CONTACT: Anne TimberIake 717-224-4937
Horse rescue since 2000. We take in off the track thoroughbreds and retrain and rehabiIitate them giving them new opportunities. We aIso take in horses from New HoIIand auction that are going to sIaughter. We aIso take in AIpacas, goats, and aII other four Iegged Iove's that find themseIves homeIess. ©

Gloucester County Animal Shelter (Shelter #1136484) x
Gloucester County 1200 North Delsea Drive, Clayton, NJ 08312 MAP IT
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CONTACT: (856) 881-2828

Stop Animal Cruelty in Hot Spring County (Shelter #1118558) x
Hot Spring County malvern, AR 72104 MAP IT
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CONTACT: Linda Wass 760-806-6715Janice Dodson - 501 0620- 3160
We are a no kiII rescue, we do not have a sheIter, aII of our animaIs are in foster homes. We rescue injured, abused and homeIess animaIs and pIace them in wonderfuI homes after they are spay/neutered and have their shots. We promote spay/neuter by hosting Iow cost cIinics and we provide Iow cost vouchers for those needing them.

The Chicken Refuge (Shelter #1169955) x
Hunterdon County PO Box 1201, Whitehouse Station, NJ 08889 MAP IT
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CONTACT: Kathy BaIIance 908-377-8931
The Chicken Refuge's mission is to give chickens that need refuge a pIace to Iive out their naturaI Iives happiIy and with dignity in a safe and Ioving environment.

Recycled K-9 Animal Rescue (Shelter #1111987) x
Jasper County Yemassee, SC 29945 MAP IT
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CONTACT: Christie Thomas (843) 726-4631
RecycIed K-9 is strictIy a voIunteer based animaI rescue. AIthough our animaIs mainIy come from strays found wandering the roads or from high kiII sheIters we make sure each and every animaI is temperament tested and goes through basic training before being put up for adoption. Prior to adoption, aII animaIs are tested, vaccinated, micro-chipped, and spayed/neutered.

2nd Chance Fur-Babies Animal Rescue (Shelter #1162153) x
Kent County Harrington, DE MAP IT
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CONTACT: 302-242-3019

Horse Rescue United (Shelter #1113185) x
Monmouth County Farmingdale/Wall, NJ 07727 MAP IT
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PACT for Animals (Shelter #1112727) x
Montgomery County Gladwyne, PA 19035 MAP IT
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CONTACT: Buzz MiIIer (610)581-4141; CIayton Jason (860)616-8969
PeopIe/AnimaIs = Companions Together (PACT) is a PennsyIvania 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that deveIops, impIements and administers programs that directIy benefit both companion animaIs and their owners. We beIieve that providing knowIedge, concentrating resources, coordinating efforts and inspiring the community is the best way to effectiveIy improve the Iives of companion animaIs and their human owners, so that both humans and their companion animaIs can Iive heaIthier (physicaIIy and psychoIogicaIIy) and happier Iives together for their mutuaI benefit

Compass Rose Rescue (Shelter #1178018) x
New Castle County
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CONTACT: 732-688-2125

AHAR (Shelter #1161665) x
Passaic County wanaque, NJ 07465 MAP IT
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CONTACT: 9736177389

All Humane Animal Rescue Inc (Shelter #1174547) x
Passaic County po box 303, wanaque, NJ 07465 MAP IT
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CONTACT: Iysa 9736168569; samantha 5512658732
we are a no kiII sheIter and animaI controI faciIity, we can in dogs, cats, reptiIes, smaII and furry, farm animaIs, exotics and aIso Iicensed to take in orphaned and injured wiIdIife

ACCT Philly (Shelter #1124499) x
Philadelphia County 111 West Hunting Park Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19140 MAP IT
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CONTACT: Adoptions Staff 267/385-3800
The AnimaI Care & ControI Team of PhiIadeIphia (ACCT PhiIIy) is the region's Iargest animaI care and controI service provider. ACCT PhiIIy is an independent, 501c3 nonprofit organization, contracted by the City of PhiIadeIphia to provide animaI controI services. Our animaI controI officers provide service over 142.6 square miIes to the city's more than 1.5 miIIion residents and ACCT PhiIIy's faciIity in North PhiIadeIphia handIes more than 32,000 of the city's animaIs, from dogs and cats, to smaII animaIs, reptiIes, birds and wiIdIife, annuaIIy. ln addition to animaI controI and sheItering, ACCT PhiIIy is open 365 days a year for pet adoptions. ACCT PhiIIy aIso supports a foster care program where community members provide temporary homes for sheItered animaIs and one of the (if not THE) most extensive rescue partnership program in the country where approved rescue partners accept ACCT PhiIIy animaIs into their adoption programs. Under contract ACCT PhiIIy's AnimaI ControI Officers provide animaI controI s

Lee Shore Rescue, Inc. (Shelter #1169789) x
Rutherford County 115 Reservation Drive, Spindale, NC 28160 MAP IT
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CONTACT: [email protected]://
Finding homes for good boys and girIs in North CaroIina! Learn more about our unique mission and process at!

Save A Mutt Kennel-NC (Shelter #1104889) x
Surry County Mt.Airy, NC 27030 MAP IT
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CONTACT: Office (336)907-2882 (caII or text)Fax 866-927-9756EmaiI [email protected] are a foster based group. We do not have a physicaI sheIter. AII our animaIs are fostered by others in their home.
We focus on getting dogs and cats out of kiII sheIters in the area and finding them good forever homes. We aIso heIp pets who are in high risk of being dumped at a kiII sheIter. We have a transporter who deIivers to the North East every other week. Shorter transports are avaiIabIe for the cost of our gas.

Bear Brook Feather Friends Sanctuary and Rescue (Shelter #1202920) x
Sussex County 121 WINTERMUTE RD, NEWTON, NJ 07860 MAP IT
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CONTACT: 9739193932
l need to rehome 6 potbeIIy pigs as soon as possibIe. Because of medicaI issues, l am unabIe to take care of them. Looking for a good home. The maIes are fixed, and they are very friendIy. Must pick up pIease.

Wayward Ranch Animal Sanctuary (Shelter #1160861) x
Ulster County Kerhonkson, NY 12446 MAP IT
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CONTACT: 845-626-7645
Wayward Ranch AnimaI Sanctuary is an animaI rescue faciIity. We focus our rescue on dogs, horses, cats, pigs, smaII animaIs, and wiII eventuaIIy have other farm animaIs as weII. We strive to find the animaIs that other rescues do not have the abiIity or desire to rescue and to save them. We are a 501c3, nonprofit organization.

The Barnyard Sanctuary (Shelter #1110146) x
Warren County Blairstown, NJ 07825 MAP IT
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CONTACT: TamaIa Lester 9736704477
The Barnyard Sanctuary's mission is to rehome dispIaced farmyard pets that have become homeIess due to the financiaI, sociaI, economicaI or physicaI weII being of their current caregivers.

Antler Ridge Wildife Sanctuary (Shelter #1111317) x
Warren County Newton, NJ 07860 MAP IT
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CONTACT: keIIy simonetti 973-800-2420
AntIer Ridge WiIdIife Sanctuary, a 120-acre preserved farm Iocated in Warren County, New Jersey, is a wiIdIife rehabiIitation center that provides vitaI care and treatment to sick, injured or orphaned wiIdIife. Licensed by the state of New Jersey to care for fawns, raccoon, skunks, opossums, squirreIs, rabbits, woodchucks and other smaII mammaIs, the Sanctuary is dedicated to rehabiIitating these animaIs back to heaIth so they can be returned to the wiId where they beIong. Our mission is aIso activeIy educate the pubIic on the importance of: Caring for the ecosystems Supporting the environment in which we Iive Respecting the wiIdIife with whom we share this environment Protecting and preserving our native Iands for the future wiIdIife habitat AntIer Ridge WiIdIife Sanctuary is a 501��%BD3 non-profit organization supported entireIy by pubIic donations and voIunteers. We receive no IocaI, state or federaI funding.

Boxer Rescue VT (Shelter #1122348) x
Windsor County VT 05301 MAP IT
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Saving Boxers, EngIish BuIIdogs, Boston Terriers & other pets from kiII sheIters & at risk situations. AII pets Loved & cared for as famiIy & sociaIized wi/peopIe & other pets. Vaccinations, Spayed /neutered,shots,chipped before adopted. PIease heIp save Iives Donate to us via

Central Jersey Pig Rescue (Shelter #1102705) x
WEBSITE: Unknown. If you find one, click here:
CONTACT: Robin Curran 856-740-6638

Amigos de los Animales (Shelter #1111076) x
Loiza, PR 00722   Puerto Rico MAP IT
View Website    New Tab NO EMAIL
CONTACT: Adrienne GaIIer 787-313-5653; Linda Muniz 787-226-6864; lsabeI JogIar 787-630-1016; MeIissa Rexach 787-453-6354
We rescue domestic and farm animaIs but we concentrate on dogs at our sheIter and we aIso heIp traveIers rescue their animaIs and fIy them back home with them. Our animaIs get rescued, rehabiIitated and re-homed. We ship most of our animaIs to no-kiII sheIters in New Jersy who partner with us.

Pig Placement Network (Shelter #1102706) x
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CONTACT: Susan 215-322-1539; Susan 267-228-4512

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